Automated Digital Forensics

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Basic forensic tasks such as file extraction, content identification, archive expansion, file undeletion, free space carving, report generation and a host of others are performed automatically 24 hours a day.

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Truxton scales with your data and personnel. From a single hard drive to ten thousand, Truxton grows to meet your needs. All investigators have access to the same data at the same time.

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Truxton is designed to be easily extended by customers using whatever programming language you like. No proprietary scripting languages, no funky templates, no having to learn our favorite programming language. You use the language best suited to the job at hand. You choose what's best for the type of processing you need to do.

It is your data. Do what you want with it.

Our mission is to extract the information out of your data and into to the brain of the investigator as fast as possible.

We believe your data should not be trapped by the tools you use. You should be able to do anything you need free of barriers of any kind.

It is your data.

Automate the mundane.

Automate the mundane.

Truxton is a framework for chaining forensic processing to transform the raw data you have seized into actionable information you can use.

Truxton uses any number of computers to attack the data, parse it, extract the pertinent information, save it all in an open format that any tool can use without human intervention.

With Coordinated Rapid Review and Jury Ready Text, Truxton helps investigators get through the mountains of data and get back to doing real forensics.

Everyone Plays. Multiple simultaneous users.

All investigators have access to all of the seized media from any investigation at the same time from their desks.

Coordinated Rapid Review lets you create a work queue of images and videos. Participants get a page full of visual media to review and mark the items of interest. Truxton makes sure the same item doesn't get sent to multiple reviewers. Investigators can use browsers or Android devices to participate in a review.

Got a hundred thousand images to review? Why not enlist a dozen people to help?

Coordinated Rapid Review